Deafeningly Bright

So I did my experiment and tried to think of stories and character arcs whenever I woke up in the night, and I woke up a lot in the night. Every time I did, I thought, OK so let's see if I can come up with something to move me forward. I can't remember most of what I thought about.

It seems like I followed the same paths mostly. There weren't any brand new lines of thought or breakthroughs of imagination. The short version is, it didn't work. It wasn't unpleasant, nicer than just lying there trying to sleep, but not a great time to be creative. So onward.

My plan then is to plug on, start writing and see where it takes me. Yesterday I thought about introducing a dangerous place or thing and then having nephews and nieces come to visit him. I'm not so sure I want to go for the tragedy play here. I should just write and see if I can come up with something the way I did in Interesting Times. Swerve for the cliff or something completely unexpected and let him deal with it.

That sounds good but daunting. When I think that, in the next breath I say, OK, so what will happen and then I feel lost again. But the point here is that I don't have to know what it is. I'll come up with it when I get there and that will make it more fun,

Alright, so that settles that. It's another nice morning. Sunny and cold. Upper 50's maybe. Not sure, don't remember what the little weather thing said. It doesn't matter. My point is it's a nice fall morning.

I'll have to leave at 10:00 to go get Ashton and take her to Penner's. Will get her lunch on the way back and then she's going to stay after school to help with concessions for volleyball. Won't catch a ride home until 8PM. So we'll see how that goes. Made a list of things she had to get done in order for this to work and we'll see if that overwhelms her.

My hands feel pretty good this morning. Not too stiff. My brain isn't working too swiftly though. I typing way faster than I'm thinking. I ordered some disposable fountain pens and a small leather journal last night. I need to write in a journal everyday, just like I write in a blog it will also help me think and give me something to look back on.

I need to go to Target and get spiral notebooks and highlighters and pens and binder paper.

More later,


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