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More of the same. Feeling a little slow on the uptake this morning. Got through the shower OK and breakfast, then, pfft. Will pick up the pace of coffee consumption and see if that helps.

So stalled after a good start on yesterday's story. I don't know why. I had a clear picture in my mind and suddenly it turned banal. So uninspiring I don't even find it interesting to think about it. Yet I know the basis of the story is worthwhile so I'll chase it a bit and see where it goes.

Maybe the names are too melodramatic. The names, which at first seem cool and big, begin to cheapen after a  while. They start sounding like a fascimile of a Dickensian story. So OK if that's a problem then change the names and get on with it. I can change the names later. I'm not at all sure something that superficial is holding me up anyway.

I may be using that as an excuse. So change the family name to Hargreve and the place name to Puzzlewood. That little excursion cost me 45 minutes. I don't know why I waste time on such small shit. It costs me more than it's worth. The important thing is that I've removed the imaginary obstacle that has held me from my strong purpose and now there is no excuse.

Hallelujah! With that, the sun has broken through the dense clouds and cherubim have appeared in numbers above my house, sing heavenly hymns of joy and abundance of celerity. What more could a humble word-wright ask? Surely this betokens success in my endeavor. In addition, I'd like the record to show that the illuminated @ meme on my wall has lit up and Smudge is snoring on the flooring behind me.

I am ready! Huzzah! This just shows what a rapid infusion of black coffee can do for one's creativity and resolve. So I will reach out for the end of this warming period and begin in earnest to get into the story. I would like to write a while just to get into the space and then think about some points to aim for in the story.

I cannot tell right now whether John Hargreve is a good man or someone who has been working for the others for a while. In the beginning (ITB) I thought he'd been making special boxes for some time, but maybe he hasn't. When I left off thinking yesterday, I had him concerned that he had no one to leave Puzzlewood too. since his children were dead. I'll have to work out that backstory as well.

If John was in WW2 and his family was dead, that means probably that his family died before he went to war in 1943. Either that or they died while he was away.

Let's try this. His parents still live at Puzzlewood but he had married Sally Leonax and they lived in St Louis, they had two kids, Polly and Tom. John had brothers and sisters. Let make them here. Let's say 2 brothers, Henry and Edward. and One sister. Cicely.

Ok got that done on the template for the story. You know pretty soon I should have to start writing the story itself.

Here's an idea. Why not just write story outlines and sell them as a write by numbers set? I provide the characters, settings, back stories and people buy it then write their own version of the story.

It's probably been done.

More later,


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