Change Me Please

An uninspired start. I sit down, bring up the screen, and then suddenly go blank. That's the way I write. I stare at the keyboard like it's some alien creature that's fallen from the ceiling and hit the table in front of me. I have no idea if it is covered in poison, if there's an electric charge on its surface. The keyboard looks ominous and foreign to me. That's how I write. The physical act of typing is painful and I fear it.

The yawning goes on and on until I can't wait any longer and I type because I have to. I can't go anywhere until I get the writing done. I can't move on. I want to get to the next piece, but nothing happens until I get this done.

After watching 10 Cloverfield Lane last night I had some great feelings, not ideas, about writing the rest of the story I'm on. Notice the difference between feelings and ideas. I was excited and I could see how I wanted the story to go but I did not see how to do it. Still, inspiration is a good thing and I'll settle for that in place of nothing.

So I was juiced as I went to bed last night to think of a direction for the story and again when I lay in bed awake this morning. I don't think well when I'm drifting in and out of sleep. I wish I did, but it is always a mixed up and uncomfortable place to think. When that happens I need to shift something to make me wake up or think of something else. Trying to be productive while asleep just ruins both things.

I think I'm ready now and I don't have anything else to add here.

More later,


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