Black Friday

So a long night and little sleep. It is the day after Thanksgiving. After I finish this, I'm going to goof off the rest of the day. I have the movie, Jobs, to watch. I wanted to see it because the screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin and he mentions it a lot in his online course.

I watched The Social Network for the same reason and I was surprised how much I didn't like the story. I'm guessing it was the way Zuckerberg was portrayed. He said that the reason he got interested was because of the blog Zuckerberg wrote about his ex girlfriend when they broke up. It just interested him for some reason.

At any rate, I figure I'll take the day off, at least the first part. Maybe I'll come back around to writing something later on after I get bored.

Made a nice breakfast this morning of the leftover stuffing from the stuffed green peppers I made a couple days ago and some fried eggs and orange juice.

The kitchen still needs some more cleaning from yesterday which we'll get around to later. Ben got up and went to work this morning. Good for him. He may be catching on that independence comes with work.

I had dreams, late morning, sleeping in dreams. The last part was about lining up to go into a club or theater or someplace like that. In the city, off of some alleys. There was a parking place for the car involved, wandering around trying to find the entrance and a bunch of stuff that might have been stolen.

There was also a strange apartment with a bathroom that connected between two rooms. OK, that's enough of that. My dogs first begged to go outside and now they're barking and really getting on my nerves.They're going to get yelled at.

So I  think I'm done with this.

More later,

(Photo by Greg Westfall)


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