Maybe it's been long enough

I have to cut this morning's session short because I have an appointment across town. I'm thinking of selling a kidney and I have to go in for a free estimate.

I had many dreams last night, mostly at the end of the night, at least the ones I can remember. It was another going out to a place in the country and the water coming up behind us. Flooding over the road and trapping us there. There were a lot of us and it was an old familiar house.

I walked through the house, there was a lot of wind outside that you could hear best at a place in the middle of the house, a tower kind of place.

Pretty soon people brought out instruments and set up and started playing. Pete was there but he was playing a strange drum set. And he was singing, which was a mistake. He'd gotten worse.

When I walked into the room where they were getting ready to play, I said, Hey Buddy, to him, but he just waved back.

I take it as a message that I should get in touch with him. We'll see what comes of that.

Let's see, rising dirty water. Someone had set out snacks. I don't know why. I think Bart Kreutzer was there. Definitely was something I read on Facebook.

The flood/storm dreams were very detailed and took up a lot of bandwidth. That's probably why I remember them so well. I was concerned about driving back to town through the waters. I told someone that the roads were bad enough but the ditches were murder. I remember thinking how bad it would be to go into a big ditch.

OK well, I wasn't really ready to get up when I did but I was already late when I got up now I'm struggling to get through this before I have to go the doctor.

I suppose this is enough. I did get a little thinking done on the story last night. It feels like I'm getting it backed into a corner, so it's easier to see the edges. It might just be the light. We'll see.

More later,


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