The long way around.

Let's see, where should I begin. My fingers are extra stiff this morning. It's Saturday, Ben's at work, Sue's on call this afternoon and Ashton is getting ready to go somewhere I don't know. So once again it's me and the dogs.

I had strange dreams and the only one I can remember right now I was carrying someone's newborn baby out to the car for them. It was very small and smooth. Of course, I had it in a baby blanket. I have no idea what that was about.

I like the Elmore Leonard book I'm reading, Maximum Bob. I need to read more about his writing style. It's simple and I like it. Especially his point of view. It's personal but omnipotent or whatever the term is. I would need to practice it in short stories first before I tried it in a longer story.

There's supposed to be some wind and rain today. There's a wind advisory from FEMA says 30's with gusts to 45 mph. We'll see could lose power in which case I need to get my wash done before the big one hits.

Sue's on call and Ashton is already bugging me about her boyfriend coming over here today. It's a continuation of yesterday and last weekend, etc.

I like the guy but I get tired of always driving around and picking up and dropping off.

I'm probably using that as an excuse for why I'm not writing more. So instead of that, why don't I dig in and get some more done.

This isn't working. I am not getting faster and there's no inspiration here. My mind is not cooperating and providing input or output, however you want to look at it. I expect this drill to make my brain pick up speed and start chugging out the ideas. So far it's misfiring and black smoke comes out the tailpipe.

I will finish this little POS and look up some stuff about E. Leonard and his writing style. That may add fuel to the fire.

I give up on this for now.

More later,


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