In my dreams, I walk in circles.

Another unquiet night. I don't know why I'm not sleeping well. Last night I had a couple weird dreams that carried on for a while. Other place dreams. Not sure what they were about. I'm trying to remember what I watched on TV last night. Maybe that's where it came from. Or maybe it was from something I read before sleep. I was reading the Joe Lansdale short stories. I was on one about a hurricane and there are drownings. That could have touched something off.

So I'm back on track this morning. I will get back to the story when I finish this. I titled this piece yesterday. I should never try to title anything before I write it. By the end of a piece, I have so many more thoughts, especially for titles. Strong, evocative titles that conjure stories all by themselves.

I need to title pieces the day before as I did today. It gives me a ready-made lever to begin. An angle or point of purchase to grab onto and push away from . All these wordy thoughts would work much better if I had a thought to place them around. Without some insight into the human mind, it's more like picking your favorite words out of the dictionary.

I must find some risk for my character in this late part of the story. What does he risk? Right now it's more like Alice in Wonderland, rolling along, learning and being shown. He cannot be passive through all of this. He must act and by acting, risk something of himself. I can't see what.

I would like to read the Vonnegut again. I must get the book from Ben. He won't read it now, not now. Maybe later. I've mentioned Vonnegut to him, maybe that's enough for now. Maybe Ashton would be interested in it.

Enough for now.

More will come later,


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