Dogs with Pockets

It's a rainy Sunday and we're going to get some serious writing done today. Ashton is going to finish her homework and be ready for Monday. Ben is at work and Sue is reading.

I had a dream where I was getting ready to go someplace and I decided to take the dogs with me, and here's where it gets a little tricky. I didn't have a leash so I went to pick up the dogs and there was just one and it was NOT Scout or Smudge. It wasn't even a Black Labrador. It was some nother kind of dog with brown and white fur. It was a nice dog but it wasn't one of mine. But it was easier to carry than either of mine would be, so I just took it with me, I was riding in somebody else's car anyway.

What else can I write about in this to get things moving? I've had a lot of story thoughts over the past few days. I need to send off more emails to people I know. Just to say hi. Correspondence could help me get warmed up in the morning as well as this blog and it would also keep me in touch with others. The problem is that I don't have a lot of friends I stay in touch with.

I'm still liking the Elmore Leonard book I'm reading at night. The Apple News seems to be fading away quickly in interest and usability. I no longer find much interesting about Facebook. I wish I could kick Google+ up a bit in learning to use it. It seems like it's less likely to degenerate into a bunch of hissing spitters in jacked up pick up trucks.

It's the world we live in. It always has been. It's not their faults, they just believe everything they see in the movies. Time will pound them down into a smoldering pile of hissing anger.

On brighter things, I think the way to get the back story out is to tell the whole thing from the standpoint of Gma Minnie and then have Joel tell what he found out about the Purple Gang at the County Library. That will connect the two stories and make you go, hmmm!

At least that's how I see it now. Another short story plot based on an old plot. Tell it from the viewpoint of a man who was Boy-B. I can work out the nuts and bolts later but the story goes like this. Man-B is telling about his life. Once upon a time he and his older brother were going somewhere with their dad and they run into bad guys who snatch them up. The venomous villains take them someplace and the Head Maniac somehow decides to fuck with them. So he pulls out a gun or knife or Bavarian Bolo Hatchet and tells the father that only one of the kids can go back to civilization with him. The father must decide Boy-A or Boy-B, while the two little tykes are tied up there in front of him. The boys are both small, like 6 and 4 years old, respectively. The father hemms and hawws, trying to wriggle out of the dilemma and thinking about what will his wife and friends and parents and the world think about what he decides. Oh, and by the way, the bad guys are videotaping this whole thing for viral streaming broadcast rights.

So finally the father looks away from the boys and says, OK, well shit, if I have to decide, then I'll choose to save Boy-A,, because he was my first born and he looks more like me and I always secretly liked him better, blah, blah. The bad guys all applaud and hooray him and he looks down in shame and shitfullness. Boy-B is of course, like What the Fuck, Dad? Very sad and so does Boy-A but not quite as much as Boy-B (who faces the Peruvian Disemboweling Spatula). So then Captain CrazyMan tells the father to give the unlucky Boy-B a big hug and say his goodbyes and there's a very awkward scene where he lamely tells B that everything will be alright and stiff upper lip and the turns around to see the Viscount of Villainy kill Boy-A.

The father's jaw drops and Boy-B cringes thinking he's next, but the Boss Bad Guy throws the father the car keys and says, Take B and get out of here, you pathetic piece of monkey shit. The gang gives him a copy of the video as a parting gift and assembles in a line in front of the shack to wave goodbye, sing "If Ever I Would Leave You" from Camelot and dance a hula-like parody as the man and his remaining son depart for a long silent drive back to town. The man is in a perfect snit trying to spin this whole thing in his mind and figure out what he can do to ride this thing out. Mom and the Grandparents will probably not be understanding about this and once the video is released it's going to make for an awkward Thanksgiving and Christmas even if the leftover Boy remains quietly traumatized about it.

More later,


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