Enfeebled Saturday

It's what follows Black Friday, at least in my opinion. It's right before Leprous Sunday then Cyber Monday and Chitinous Tuesday. Before you know it, it's Easter again.

Well so me and my family-crew had a great Black Friday. All except for Tiny-Ben, who had to work, but in the end even he experienced the Black Friday Miracle after he came home and frosted his tips. This had to do with bleaching the top of his head. Now he looks even almost more handsome than he did.

But the rest of us, meaning the other members of our immediate and precipitous family, watched some movies on the electric television and ate leftovers. It was quite the time. We didn't take pictures to put in the scrapbook. But it made me remember times when we sat around and went through scrapbooks and looked at pictures and the old people would tell me who was in all the pictures and what happened to them and just recite random memories related to freely associated thoughts regarding them.

We don't do that anymore. I'm sure that many families do. I can't even get to the old scrapbooks anymore. I have Connie's old scrapbooks in out in the shop but I don't even look at my scrapbooks. Old pictures are ephemera. They only have meaning to those people in them and for a generation after that. There is no interest for another hundred years after that.

Wowser. Well that took me in a big circle and it ended up back where I didn't want to be. So let's see if I can't fight my way out of this corner.

Before I go I must say that, that age old routine of the family gathering and reminiscing that ended with me, it was just one way that family interacts. It was one that I knew and I look back on with nostalgia. But there's two ways to look at the term that stands for the Pain Associated with Thinking of Home. I'm not completely sure that they are separate.

I long for that closeness with my family but there's something more incomplete or broken in me, that I've felt for a long time and when I think back on it, I'm not sure that I was ever without it.

I am not the hero of that story.

More later,


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