Touching the blog base here. (That's sounds bad.) Online journal of thoughts and ideas. Need something every day whether it's important or not. Just to let an uncaring world know that I am still thinking about things. Who knows maybe I could stumble upon something important. The million monkeys at a million laptops. Or one really, really resilient monkey at one keyboard for a million, million years. OR, and this worth looking into, one million, million monkeys at one million, million keyboards for one year. Now, there's an idea.

Isn't it odd that out of the blue I write that line about stumbling onto something and right away, Bang! I stumble onto a great idea like the million, million monkey idea. I'm sending that off to the White House and NASA and the U.N. and TED Talks, as soon as I finish this journal.

Talk about name living beyond eternity? Boom! There it is.

Since I've secured my place in the all too short history of mankind now, I can turn my attention to other more fun things. Although, I have to say, I won't be surprised if my name starts appearing on junior high schools, or middle schools as they call them now. Also on bridges and space centers, colleges, and streets in every city and town in the nation. Also many countries will want my face on their currencies and flags. I will draw up documents to donate my likeness and name to the public domain so that no one has to pay for it, directly.

Of course, that will be another windfall to pharmaceutical companies who will use the public domain access to slightly change it and begin charging for my name and picture. You see if they make a small change in my picture then they can claim that it's a new person and then copyright it. Every couple years they will make a new small change and the lay claim to the improved versions. In this way, they can continue to make obscene profits from something they had nothing to do with.

Ever since the pharmaceutical companies have merged with the insurance industry, most of the mystery has gone out of how the world will end. I had to stop and make an illustration of PharmZilla and put it on Facebook.

I think my cranky old man work for today is done. Now I can get back to creating.

More alter,


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