I'm on it.

I'll start from here. That makes the most sense. I'm concerned that typing over the bones of a previous piece might cause some bleed through of issues. I'm not sure yet what that would look like. I will let you know.

Let's start from the beginning. I had dreams of Ohio again. Everywhere I turn, Ohio is there. What does this mean?

I must investigate. With God, all things are possible. Don't worry, this is the state motto of Ohio. I would have thought a more appropriate one would be, We're everywhere!

There is a new map of the earth that eschews the west-o-centric distortions of the Tri-Lateral Commission's Evil Mercator Projection.  It finally shows the true positions and relative sizes of the various land masses and countries. This is true, look it up. It clearly shows that Australia is about the same size as the United States and, the state of Ohio is larger than both combined.

Ohio is the Buckeye state or bunch or group. Anyway, it's about Buckeyes. Ponder that! Buckeyes. I think I saw some buckeyes at my grandmother's house but they might have been something else. No, I just looked them up and that's what they were. A strange nut, I would venture to call it the Devil's Nut because of its inherent undefinability. But maybe that's just me. Still, if you ever see one, well, it's not easy to forget.

In the dream, I was told that when we finished up wherever it was we were, we were heading for Cleveland. Now this seemed like a good idea and in fact, I was quite excited about it. It was something I needed to do for some reason and so I was impatient to start.

I found myself in a nearly empty circular room which looked very sparse and secure, light colored metal walls connecting metal ceiling and floor. There was a door in the floor and as soon as the room was emptied, we could leave for Cleveland, Yay! One or two guys in suits came in and needed us to complete something before we could leave. It's always something.

Eventually, we were looking for the car to Cleveland and it turned out to be a large American convertible. An older model with fins. There were several of us interested in going. It had a party-like atmosphere.

It was a good dream, a pleasant dream that I tried to linger within, even after I partially woke. Still, Cleveland and Ohio! They vexed me. I got up, finally, after falling back during the night. I never even felt it, although I was awake several times to see if Santa had come and set the clocks back.  That is a disorienting concept. I would look at the clock on the ceiling and see 2:28 and wonder; is that the new time or the old and, of course, there was no way to tell. Let's get back on track here.

I got up and began my abluzioni mattutine, my morning ablutions, and as it was Sunday, I turned on the radio for news and information. While prediposed in personal matters, I heard the name Ohio an unnatural number of times and several cities were also named, which were also located in, get this, Ohio. Cities, I might add, which I've heard about all my life without clearly understanding that they were located in Ohio. (Oooooeeeeey, oooooeeeeey!, etc.)

Now, Come on! Of course, I brought these strange events to the attention of those members of my family who were already in the kitchen when I made it that far. But they, not seeing the larger picture, the more sinister and oookey picture, dismissed my observations as pure knock-kneed coincidence. We can lead them to water, but we are unable to impress upon them the import of these things. Time will make the meanings plain. Then we shall see who rolls their eyes. (Here's a clue, it will be me!, Hah!)

In the meantime, I will come in here and write my blog and pretend that the whole Ohio thing is not dangling over our heads. I don't see the entire picture yet, but if you combine Ohio (especially Cleveland), the presidential election, the change in the clocks overnight and the metal ball found on Mars; it becomes a little more clear.

I'll keep you informed as more information becomes available. It is all around us.

More later,

(Photo by Susanna Fernandez)


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