Wunder Patang

Rudderless and without direction, we begin another blog. It seems like it's been a while since I sat down with an idea in mind for this piece. Sometimes the sentences arrange themselves into small vignettes and that is always welcome and enjoyable. But more times than not, it takes about 8 inches of column space for me to run out of wind and meaningless crap. Still, it serves its purpose every day to crank up the big wet quivering engine of imagination and the to coax the extra fluid from the joints of my fingers and hands.

For today's consideration, there were some leftover sections of dreams from last night. Let us see what we can reconstruct from the fragments.

There were scenes from a Chinese trench arrangement indoors in a large building. Vast lines of motionless Chinese men were aligned along the hidden edges of a room. The story was that a mad defector or psychotic had broken from their ranks and was running through the place with a machine gun shooting people. I do not know the genesis of this awful story. I cannot say it wasn't my fault because it was my little man that ran the movie. 

At any rate, carnage was going nuts in the place. Much shooting into people as the lay hiding along the edges. As I understood the situation, the crazed fellow was going all through the building with the gun and killing his fellow Chinese. I myself witnessed part of the shooting, although I must say I saw no blood and the hiding people looked more like poorly made manikins in colorful clothes. But the thought was surely there.

Let's dig down and see what else is in the bag. When I got up, it was all so clear and now, 2 hours later, very little lingers. There were dogs in another dream. I'm trying to remember the context of the dogs but nothing is returning. 

Ah wait, there was some change and it was clear that we were going to be moving from the house. It wasn't an altogether bad thing, but as I walked through the house, there were definitely parts I did not recognize. Plus there was a large squeaky fan in the ceiling of one of the rooms and I remember thinking, this will decrease the value of the house, but there's little to do about it now. I think the dream involved my thoughts regarding an old friend and the trouble he has had. 

The crystal grows dim and there's nothing left for me to see. I will close for now.

More later,


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