Election Day

Today is Election Day, November 8th and I can't remember an election where so much hung on the thoughts of an electorate that never ceases to surprise me. It is really an interesting country. Not always encouraging but always interesting.

It is a testament of some kind to a place that can change its colors so much so quickly. I remember when I was studying investing one of the things I read about the market was, "It's like being in business with a schizophrenic." That's kind of the way the American People are. You must learn not to be disappointed in them.

I think we will see more of this as the population gets farther away from a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence. People today don't feel like they can survive by themselves. They feel the need for someone to carry them and make all the ugly decisions for them. We will accept living with fewer and fewer freedoms as long as we are made to feel powerful by bombast and swagger.

I suspect this is a lot like earlier times except that the very rich back then just picked who they wanted to be president and didn't dirty their hands directly with the process.

It is an argument for the electoral college and against the popular vote. Especially in a time when people vote the way they watch TV.

Let's not think about this for now. We will have time to regret things later. Today let's look at the brighter side of existence. We still have dogs and it is a beautiful day outside. The Control key is still gone from my keyboard and I'm feeling a renewed sense of hope about the third act of the book. The worst that can happen is that it falls flat and I have to re-write it.

Overall, it has been a good effort and much better than the last times. That is something to be happy about. My writing style has improved and now I just need to work on the substance of the stories that I write.

Remember, I must write a mountain of trash before I can hope to make something worthwhile.

I'm gaining a much closer relationship with words and sentences. I evaluate what I write much more quickly now. Writing is much easier once I see where I want to go.

After I finish this little piece I should meditate. I need to get back into that habit. I do best when I establish routines that I can follow. It settles my little mind.

More later,


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