Are We Going Somewhere?

So a busy start to do the day. Have to get the house picked up and Ashton ready to go to driving and the dogs are going to doctor for a checkup, shots, medicines. Everything's going to happen around 1000h so lots to do before then. Have to wash towels and bathmat too.

Rush, rush, rush. Didn't get a story started yesterday, but did go through part of a tutorial on Scrivener, which actually had a lot of good information about organizing writing. It could make things easier, so time wasn't too terribly wasted. Although, I may not get much started today because of all the running around.

Had another one of those lengthy dreams that seemed like a good story that I needed to remember, but when I woke up it seemed very bland and not worth much. But I think those dreams are more about organizing my thoughts than making up great stories in my sleep. So I'll trust my brain to do the work while I rest.

It's very strange what sticks in my mind after a day. A lot of times it's a mashup of things I saw and heard and heavily weighted toward what I read at bedtime. Maybe because it's the last thing I read and maybe because it was the most interesting thing I read. I don't know.

I went online and looked up ideas for short stories just to nudge my brain. Maybe there're some ideas I could use, maybe not. I definitely need to start something today, even if it goes nowhere. It's about writing and I need to remember that.

So I'd like to try a short story in Scrivener and see what that's like.

Moire later,


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