Short Dog Night

Couldn't fall asleep, then Smudge barked at 0130 and couldn't get back to sleep until 0230, up at 0330, Sue got up at 0400, fell to sleep about 0430, awake at 0600. So here I am again, raring the go.
The worker guys should be here anytime to put up the Gazebo. It's a little rainy but may clear up. Hopefully, the gazebo will go well.

Have some bills to pay today and paperwork. I'd like to get another story done. Something better this time. It fascinates me that by the time I finish a piece, I'm absolutely convinced that it's a masterpiece, that this time, I've finally got it right. Then after reading it the second or third time, it's dry and wooden and sounds like a high school paper with no life in it. Then I'm sure that I'm wasting electricity and I should just sit in the rocking chair and read some real writing.

Every freakin' day it's that way. I wonder what part of my mind is responsible for evaluating things like that. It seems like I'm able to shut it off at times. I'm thinking that at 64 years old, I'm not likely to change and grow any sense at this point, so I guess I better just internalize the lesson and realize that whatever I think about a piece, it's probably wrong.

There are times when I miss my family. I guess it's when I think about the past and become nostalgic. That's normal. Nostalgia is the longing to go home. I remember reading that. I just looked up the derivation, it's greek, of course, and comes from nostos (homecoming) and algos (pain). It's a great word.

Alright, so another big night of worrying and then it begins easily and I'm pretty sure there won't be much of a problem. After things cool down here, I may try to grab a chair nap this afternoon. In the meantime, I've got plenty to do.

More later,


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