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Not much to say about the night. It ended finally. I had one of those dreams that felt all one way and meaningful and memorable. That right there should have been the big warning. As I got a little lighter and examined it and it was another of those pointless scenarios you get when you search real hard for something meaningful, you get something that looks meaningful but is just your subconscious tickling the "meaningful" gyrus so that whatever you see, that's it.

It an interesting thought. I should think about that some more and work it into a story. I'm thinking about the Radiolab about the guy with face blindness. He would walk around and if anybody at all looked at him, he would fix an expression on his face as if he was happy to see them. He did this because it was less insulting to the people he knew, who would be upset when they approached him and he would look right past them. Makes sense when you think about it. Except in this case they're interviewing his ex-wife who met and married him because of the nice way he looked at her the first time he saw her. She interpreted it mean that he was interested in her and he was a comfortable, relaxed sort of guy.

It didn't end well, as you can tell by the term, "ex-wife."

I'm going to need another story for today. I liked yesterday's because it felt under control from the very start. Even though it didn't have any murders or exceptional danger, it felt like a good exercise to me. If I could reliably write like that every day, I would be satisfied that I'm made progress.

So in spite of the fact that some people didn't like it, I want to keep practicing to write like that. It's exactly what I need when I have a real story to write. Methodical, and moving along.

I had a couple ideas yesterday but right now I can't seem to find them. I meant to write them down but, of course, didn't. So I guess I'll just start out again and see where it takes me.

More later,


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