Cats Go Missing!

Saturday morning and the big question is: "Where is Rosie?" No one has seen her since yesterday and it's not like her to disappear for more than a day. She kind of moves in between the molecules here and doesn't get a lot of notice because she's usually somewhere in your field of view, hiding.

Anyway, I hope she shows up soon. She kind of keeps everything balanced. It's pretty hot out there too. Maybe she's on a hunt. We'll see.

Slept pretty good this morning. Stayed in bed a while dozing and thinking about the story. Didn't finish it yesterday like I planned. I think I have everything I need to make it work today.

Also have to get to Costco today. Maybe in the afternoon. In between time, I better get my fingers moving and my brain as well. I need to get through this so I can get over to the story. That reminds me, I need to keep an ear out for other story premises like that one. Hearing that radio piece just fired off a bunch of synapses for story ideas.

There are probably tons of those things pout there in the big world. I just need to listen for them and recognize them when they come along.

Gosh, I'm having trouble getting the old Jennie started up today. I keep coming up short right at the end of the line I'm typing. No place to go afterward. Afterward, doesn't seem like a very common word to me right now. I guess it's not used a lot but it also looks funny. OOOOOh. Boogey, Boogey.

No, but really, I bet the after root came before the nautical direction. What do you want to bet? Chicken. Buck buck buck. Oh yeah, I got you there. You didn't expect that. No one gets the better of me. So just remember that little fact.

Alright, already. Enough of this.

More later,


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