Dr. Chowdury's Clinic

Have to take Ashton over to Bob's house so she can go pick up Bob at the airport returning from the Czech Republic visiting his father. She's very excited but didn't get up very early to get ready to go. Why am I surprised, not. Oh well, I don't want to be one of those parents, but I am. There doesn't seem to be much you can do about most of the ways you react to things. Pretty predictable.

I can tell I'll do OK writing today, my eyes are ahead of my fingers as I type. That's a very good sign. I'm a fast hunt & peck typist. I know a lot of the words by memory and parts of words so my typing is pretty fast. Just about as fast as I can think on a good morning. Good, either way.

Just got back from taking Ashton over to Bob's mom's house. Stopped at Jack in the Box on the way back and got a breakfast. Much cooler today. in the 60's. You can tell that summer's dying off. Oh well, I like fall.

I'd like to wrap this part up and watch a bit of Sorkin and then get to writing on the story I started yesterday. It's kind of wandering but I'm enjoying the writing. Something will come from it. It takes time.

Alright then.

More later,


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