Choosing a Direction

An alright night's sleep. Up and down a lot. Slept in, a little just because it felt good. Back on track now, a little late, but what else is new.

Many dreams but nothing memorable. That's the way most nights go for me. Have been trying at every turn to think of a better last half to the short story of the sick man with the lost child. In a way, I don't want to minimize the feelings of the old man by making him more deluded or even crazy.

So it seems that every time I found myself lying in bed away last night, or maybe I should say, each time I found myself with time to think, I tried to think of a conclusion to the story. It is good to have a story problem to work on when extra cycles are available. I can't say that it's gotten me anywhere though.

I tend to go back over the same thoughts I had previously without adding anything new to them. I don't think these are the kinds of things you can think about in 10 second chunks.

I have to take Ashton and a couple of her friends to the mall in a little bit maybe I'll give it some thought during the drive over and back. It will give me a little more time to think.

In the meantime, I'll watch the 1st class of the Sorkin class again and maybe the 2nd. I would like to internalize those concepts and not have to cast about in memory for them. It might make things easier.

I think I shouldn't wait to use them even if it's just for a drill. Layout a story with characters that each have an intention and then place or develop obstacles for each of them. Start with two and learn a bit from that.

Here's a thought! DUH!! What not watch the 2nd class and see if there's anything I can use to think of the second half of the the story I'm working on. Hey, you mean like use the class on learning to write to uh, learn to -- what do they call it? -- write? Yeah, how long did that take? Doi!

More later,


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