Besides the Obvious

Wow. I almost decided just to stay in bed today. I wasn't comfortable there, it's just that nothing sounded any better than bed to me. I was definitely not in the present lying there. I ran through all the things I needed to do when I got up and it was daunting. No matter what path I saw, it was daunting.

Now it looks like I need to find the synonyms of daunting pretty damn quick or this will get very boring.Oh My God, it's just like in my dream. Well, not a dream, but a thought process. I guess a dream is a thought process, I'm not sure you could say a dream's anything but a thought process. So many things are when you think about it.

OK, enough of that too. So anyway, I'm lying there in bed. Face down on the pillow, trying to find a place to put my right arm and hand. They're either getting cold or going numb and I hate both of those. The worst is when your hand in numb and you wake it up, and find out it's cold too. Shit.

Isn't it funny how we say my hand's asleep. My hand isn't asleep, it moves,I just can't feel it. You could say it's anesthetic. That would be the most precise description. It has no feelings. My hand has a terrible ennui, an Ennui Terrible. French people would say that.

So let's see. I don't know what my story is for today. I should think of something. My mind seems to be working alright, so that's good. Some mornings I can't put two words to save my life. Well maybe to save my life, I've never been asked. But to make a sentence or a thought. That's how I should say it.

I couldn't put two words together to make a thought. You don't really need two words to make a thought, a comparison, an alliteration, a phrase, even a paragraph, but not a thought.

Let's move on. Yesterday I made a story out of an old song and I gave that some thought last night. For example, I thought about Spanish Moon as a story. I would say that's the story of Dan Hinds in a way. In another way, not at all. I'll be taking Ashton to driving school pretty soon. Maybe I'll hear something on the radio that will trigger an idea-slide.

More later,


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