There's a Bright Golden Haze on the Driveway

Slept very badly. That would be my indian name probably. I think I'm turning into Abe Vigoda. It could be toxic effects some televidistic spider bite. It could be the new superhero. He was bitten by a spider that had been trapped in a 1974 Philco Television and exposed to 15 years of toxic sitcom radiation.

OK, well that last paragraph sent me off to youtube for a quick hit of Barney Miller and now Big Generator is playing while I type.

So let's move on a little bit and get this whole thing over. My fingers are moving quite well this morning. I shifted things around a bit this morning to see if it went a little better. Here's what I did, (he whispers like a horse)

I grabbed a shower with an abbreviated finish and then came out and started the coffee and threw some toaster waffles I found in the freezer into the toaster and put my whites into the washer. Then I went back and poured my OJ. Took my pills and then pulled the waffles out of the toaster and got them ready. I listened to WTF while I ate. Then I cleaned up and poured my coffee and hit the office and checked my email. I wrote a long email to rsim about the Hope story then took Ashton to driving school. When I got back I meditated and did a little better. And that brings me to where I am. I feel a little better and not quite as rushed.

 A little shakeup is good from time to time. I haven't begun the new story so far. I think it's going to be based on the "What do you do with a happy person?" or "thinks they're happy" concept. We are so used to dealing with problems that's what we expect and also we naturally suspect people who claim to be happy with their lot. I understand this in terms of the people who try to shout their happiness from the top of Facebook. I tend to also believe that they're gritting their teeth as they type and taking periodic gulps from a thirsty-two ounce cup of vodka without ice. When they come to in the morning they immediately lay back into the philosophy memes.

I also would like to watch one or two of the Sorkin videos and look up more about character arcs and scene creation. All of these things, plus Ben wants me to cut his hair before he goes to work.

More later,


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