Bash the Whisper

OK, another day. I want to get back to the story from yesterday and get it worked out. It doesn't have to be as complicated as I fear. The guy that seems crazy just has to describe the two other guys and the encounters in a way that could be explained either way. Then he needs to describe finding out that they were all together in something, something that could go either way, maybe not drugs but a little farfetched. Maybe terrorists. Come to take over the ship, maybe sink it. Cause an environmental disaster. Then I just need to show that it's happening at the end of the story.

Will try to make a noon meeting this morning. Does that make sense? In the meantime, let's get warmed up and get those fingers moving and the wrists too. I need to shake out those hands and get them back on my side. Every morning it's the same thing. It's like hostage negotiation. Give me my hands and I'll give you the idol.

I'm calling Ben on his phone to get him out of bed. It's 938 AM and he needs to get moving. I want him to change the oil on the generator. The problem is that he's still in bed and I trying to get this writing done before I leave to go to the meeting.

I made an egg on croissant sandwich for breakfast this morning instead of my usual fruit and oatmeal. I thought I'd be cute. A nice change. Needed to get moving so I was going kind of fast. Got my orange juice, out heated a small pan and put butter into it. Got two of Mary's eggs which are scientifically known to boost Karma and thinking, and a little shredded cheese. Sliced the croissant and put it into the toaster over on 5, I figured that would work, low enough and all. The pan was hot so I cracked two of Mary's little wonders into the pan and stirred them with the little spatula. Just before I flipped the eggs I thought, hey a little peppy always makes the eggs better so I grabbed the Costco pepper container, opened it and held it up pretty high over the eggs so that the ground pepper would float out perfectly and when I tilted the container and shook it the top came off the container and the top and a couple teaspoons of pepper dumped out over the eggs.

So I grabbed the little spatula and a napkin and started scraping as much of the pepper off the eggs as I could and then flipped the eggs and put a little cheese on it and took it off the heat. I folded the eggs over into a small omelet (it helps melt the cheese and it fits better onto the croissant). I go to the toaster and open the door and the top piece of the sliced croissant is burned black along the thin edge.

I put the little omelet onto the sliced burnt croissant and waalah, it was like I was in Paris at the McDonalds. Everything except the berets and the accordion looking thing playing a sad song about love and breakfast. A great way to get ready to write.

I'm not sure I like this little keyboard. Maybe it will grow on me.

More later,


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