Oh, Sweethaven!

I'm starting on this a little late today because after making breakfast for everyone and then meditating, I finished the Navegant story with the final paragraph, the message. I think it works, but you never know. It's meant it to be the surprise twist at the end after you've decided that Steve is crazy, and he is, I guess. It's a little like the story Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, even though the guy is a coward, he stumbles into becoming a hero. The unintended consequences of fate being a proof of God. I just made that up I think. A concept of beneficent irony.

Anyway, then Ashtabulla and myself went to Costco to do the shopping and we just got back. So that pushed this to 1300 hours. I hope this explains adequately why my work was late getting turned in. Thank you.

Oh well, that whole moment passed without any further damage being done. My phone is still not ringing off the hook for philosopher central and that's a good thing. I can barely start a sentence when left alone in my office, what would it look like if suddenly I were expected to produce on command. A pretty sad sight, no doubt.

So let's get warmed up. It's the only way I will move the thoughts along and get them out of my head. I have nothing burning to come out right now, so I'll just wing it until something important comes along. I listened to the radio on the way to Costco in hopes of getting another idea for a story but nothing came along.

On the other hand, I heard a group called Big Little Lions and the song The Way Home, which I liked and bought off of amazon a few minutes ago. It's simple but very pleasing. A Canadian duet, that's what Big Little Lions are, is, whatever.

So let the word go out from this place to the hither, whatever the phrase it, I Like Big Little Lions and recommend their song, The Way Home.

Your welcome, BLL and thank you for you service to the music world.

More later,


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