Like Nailing Snowshoes on a Football

It's a beautiful morning, ahh. Young Rascals #3 in 1968. But it is and it's supposed to get into the 80's today (over 300° Kelvin!). Just went out to the shop to get drain cleaner, no, for the drain, and it was already feeling a little humid. YoU could tell it was going to be a warmer day. But right now it is just perfect in every way.

I know I say that a lot. It's just my foolish pride, no, just my imagination, no, just my gratefulness. Grateful to be grateful. I am having a good time. I just have to keep it to myself. No one else wants to hear about it. No matter what they say.

That's OK. I was quiet about the first part too, most of the time anyway. So, on we roll.

Had a few work related dreams last night. Went back and said Hi to a bunch of people. Still a lot of people there I don't know, even though I don't actually go there. It's just my imagination, running away with me. I figure that dreaming about it is almost as good as going there. You know?

Two minutes and I have to Ashton to driving school. Back from taking her to driving school. We had a nice talk in the car. She told me she was interested in interior design and I said that color palettes were interesting and they were used in almost everything on the internet and magazines and writing, and so many other things. Then I told her about Adobe Spark and how it was useful to play around with design ideas and how right now it's free.

I thought it was good that she was thinking about how to spend her life. We also talked about the car insurance deal for her and that getting good grades in school and taking the online course could lower the costs of insurance for her. She understood and said it was a good idea.

I thought on the way back home about story ideas and my mind came back to the scenes of the street in Kansas City when I was a kid. They were very powerful things to see. I caught a glimpse of what other kinds of living existed just a little ways from my house in Mayberry, USA. It was also interesting that my mom never mentioned or talked about what we were seeing there. Those trips were like going to the moon for me. Looking back on them now, they were nothing less than amazing.

Those trips started very early, at least I think they did. Another memory impossible to confirm now that she's gone. "Now" that she's gone, 16 years ago, and that's if you don't count the couple years prior to that when she was sometimes in, sometimes out.

Grist for the mill. Just more grist for the mill.

More later,


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