When You Put It That Way

I went to bed earlier so I increased the number of sleep-awake cycles by at least one. I think I caught up a bit. Anyway, I'm up now and on with my day.

Have to go to the dentist after taking Ashton to driving class. Have been actively trying to figure out the end of the story I've spent two days on. Every time I woke up last night I tried to think of an ending. This becomes kind of painful after a while. Maybe I'm not cut out for this. I tend to make it no fun by putting some kind of deadline and pressure on the task. There really isn't any. I need to remember that.

This should be fun for me. I could try several endings to see which worked best. I still tend to treat writing as work and so I naturally (or un-naturally) defend even the bad stuff I write.

Let's try relaxing around this, shall we? It's supposed to be fun and I should look forward to it.

Alright then, let's get warmed up. What else did I dream last night? OK, I went to someone's house to learn about a large project they were involved in. They were looking for help with it and that was the purpose of the meeting. There were many people there. Most I knew but not from where. It went into the night and I had to be someplace else. So I got ready and left and then looked for my motorcycle.

Wait. Somebody gave me a ride on the back end of a limb grinder, the kind of machine you use for grinding up branches and leaves that fall down. A chipper. Don't ask me why but it had some drive wheels on it and I held onto one end and the person who owned it guided it up the sidewalk of a city street. Go figure.

The I went looking for my motorcycles (there were three of them) and accidentally found them in a used equipment shop where they had dismantled one of them, the big one. There were going to clean it and repaint it and put it out for sale. When I told them it was mine, they stopped and apologized and started putting it back together. They were very fast. I think it turned out to be my tractor.

Somewhere there I was also looking for a mini-bike with a 2-cycle engine. I can't remember what the third bike was. Something in-between, I remember thinking. It was a strange dream not distressing, jut strange.

I ended on that dream. It was quite vivid. I guess I warmed up now and should get on with the real thing.

More later,


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