Balancing Act

I found these really old hands and fingers at the ends of my arms this morning. I'm not complaining mind you. I'm glad that I have all my fingers and both of my hands, it's just that some days they look more like the real thing than act like it. On some mornings I think if I looked at the edge of my hands I would see the small label "Replica" somewhere.

But I can make do with them. Today I have no clever themes for my warm up piece. Today I will satisfy myself with just typing words. I will do my best to spell them correctly and I will endeavor to raise my speed of correct typing to about 60 words per minute. I must confess that I don't remember what 60 words per minute sound like so it will be a guess at best.

Although in a few minutes I may go to the internet to find my speed. First I will warm up a bit. Wait. But soft. I shall have a before and after comparison of the speed. Stay here. OK, well the first go round even with learning was 38 words per minute.  So I can tell you right now that 60 words per minute is not going to happen, not for me. As a matter of steampunk, I would really like to see 60 words per minute from anybody.

But that's not the point here, The point is to warm up my hands and brain and get my fingers moving along at a better clip. It also makes a good deal of difference when I' m making up the words in my head or reading them off a random chart. What I normally do during writing is more like ideas per minute that words per minute. Although what I'm doing now qualifies as words per minute for warm up.

At any peckerhead, I will continue to type here to get things moving. My head is more than a little moojy this morning. Perseverance will suffice to push me into the working channels of writership. I must remain calm and do what I can to keep the ship afloat.

Did you notice what I did back there with the stupid cliches? I have tremendous difficulty leaving those stupid cliches alone. My brain has changed in shape to favor the cliche-lobe. So, in order to combat this scourge. and it is a scourge, a terrible, scourge. I like typing scourge. Anyflap, in order to combat the scourge, etc. I will substitute one silly word for a word of the cliche. Donut example, see donut was in place of for. In other news, I didn't change anything in that one because it's not a common cliche that I regularly use. But I'm standing by in case it becomes one.

I'm typing OK, but my head is still not in it. Regardless, I will press on. I got to 41 words per minute on my last try, so there! thppppt!

Hail Freedonia and More later,


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