What did you expect?

Alright, let's get started. It's time to get some words written here. My hands are a bit stiff this morning. It was a long night and now it will be worth it.  I had dreams but I can't remember what they were. I do remember they were repetitive in nature.

There was quite a bit of wind and rain last night. A lot of leaves and branches came down. The dogs were upset by things blowing against the house. Smudge thought there intruders on the back deck. Some little branches and stuff blew against the windows and walls and got him worked up. But they were both quiet during the night, Good dogs!

I have the story balances on a teeter point waiting for the next side of dialog. I think that instead of launching directly into the story of Kaylen there needs to be a short break and diversion. A natural one would come from the train stopping in Gallup NM and Gene can get out and make his phone calls to London to let them know why he's late.

He should also call his agent Teddy and let him know that he's out of town for a while. Teddy can add pressure to the situation by telling him that he's up for a part on some show. A-Team and the movie Howard the Duck and he needs to get back.

Scout's been a tired dog the past few days. His front legs are getting stiffer. His buddy helps him along when he can. Smudge loves him very much and would do anything for him.

I'm not writing anything here because I can't think of anything. It's pathetic. I sit and stare and think of a million things and then when I reach for the keyboard, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I need to get back to the story and get lost in it I haven't written a long piece for days now and it's very important and beneficial.

The problem is when I'm trying to warm up by typing and I can't think of anything to write, then I type cliches and bad stuff. Anytime I resort to writing stock phrases, I'm going backwards. The idea was that I was going to learn to write in good sentences and make them into good paragraphs and so on.

That;'s the way I have to work if I want to get better at the writing. Good words, to good sentences to good paragraphs. Don't take short cuts. Don't fill with crap and I know crap when I write it.

I know that I don't write originally yet, but maybe that will come with time.

More later,

(photo by Max Martin)


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