Short Take-Off

Short drill today because I want to get on with the writing. I've got someplace to go and I don't want to lose track of it. I'm still trying to figure out the implications of the upcoming twist and I want to make it as complete as possible.

It's nice to have finally come up with a direction in the story. I was worried that it was going to arrive at the airport backwards and I'd have to be content with a crappy ending place.It still could fail, it all depends on how it's written. I need to show the struggle of the father and somehow turn the mother's part so it looks more like a desertion than an escape. I'd like to accomplish that within the story as it stands. In other worlds, with the first chapters already out there. But I may need to go back and salt the mine. (prophetic words!)

There are some housekeeping matters that I'm looking forward to doing. Give the dad a job, something he might have worked at and put away money from. Also, I need to figure out how he was able to shake the mob from their money.

The mom has to reappear and fill in her part of the story. On second thought, Tito must have dumped her pretty soon after she left. That would have left her in a bad way. Maybe his dad sent her money but wouldn't let her come back to the house. I like that, it shows another side of the dad.

I like the idea of making Larry Koppel a larger character. I'll have to come up with a personality for him and some back story. Not a lot, just some.

I need to find the best mix of tax free and taxable accounts that Joel could have invested in to produce a sizable lump at the end of his life. from when he got out at age 27 to age, wait a minute. I've jumped the rails again and gone careening down the hillside to the ravine floor below.

Well, I'm back now. In the sweet by and by, I settled the dogs for barking, went to a meeting, wrote in my journal, and caught up on the finances. In addendum, I wrote on the story notes and looked up a bunch of stuff about successful investments of the 1950's. I then proceeded to ruin my reading glasses and decided that a new pair would be my last birthday wish. I think I had some salt or something like it on the microfiber cloth I tried to clean them with . Just scratched the living shit out of the right lens. Pissed me off, but only myself to blame.

I did all of this without remembering that I hadn't finished this blog piece until the very last moment. So I'm ready to do that now.

By the who, Short Drill didn't work. It's afternoon.

Without further ado, adieu.

More later,

(photo by Joey Kyber)
(! Great Name!)


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