We can learn a lot from dogs (but some of it's pretty disgusting)

Well everybody's gone on their ways. It's Saturday and it's just me and the dogs left here at the house. Well, that's OK. We can get a few things done. I'm going to do some writing and the dogs will act as helpers in case I need some animal motivations. Also, they give the place atmosphere.

Let us get things moving so that I can do more of the writing. I'm not 100% sure that this particular piece will be a hit but I do know that it is teaching me a great deal about writing. For once I'll have characters who have a little dimension to them. I'm seeing intention and obstacle in the story and there will be a character arc. Oh yes, arcing will occur.

I'm currently writing 1000-2000 words per day on the story plus this piece so overall, I think I've slowed down a bit from my peak but still I'm getting something done. I've been a little slack lately in the meditating but I will try to do better. I was more consistent when I meditated first thing in the morning after breakfast. But it was also a tough time to meditate. It wasn't that long after I woke up and right after I'd eaten breakfast. So I was kind of logey anyway and it felt more like I was almost taking a nap after breakfast. It was nice but I wasn't always all that conscious of being mindful. I was more just floating in the post-prandial mind soup, like going back to class after lunch on a warm day. Pleasant if you don't have to learn anything, but I was meditating for my inner peace and freedom, hooah!

So the problem is that I had worked out a routine that occurred in the morning that was easy for me to stick to. I don't have a routine in my day again until night time. It's hard to pull something together out of the chaos at midday. A meeting is about all I can manage, meditating may be too much. I could try to meditate at night time at the beginning of my bedtime routine. It would be a good time to do it. I'm afraid that some nights I might just drift off. I don't want to do it in bed, that would be a recipe for falling asleep and maybe ruining my muse headband. Besides, I need to stay awake during meditation. That's the point of it.

Maybe I should try to meditate after I write this piece instead of before it. That way I might sharpen my mind up for the story writing segment of the day. It's worth a try. As soon as I post this, I'll meditate. Notice how many times I've written the word meditate in this. I hate typing the word meditate. It comes out all kinds of ways, especially Mediation. So that's why I try to type Meditate as many times as I do. To get better at typing meditate, without making a mistake.

I think I'm ready to write, or I should say, I'm ready to meditate.

More later,


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