I can see why you say that.

We begin again, right here. Let's try to write a few really sticky sentences. I don't know if I can write non-stick sentences. I'm not all that sure what they are, except to say that I am really good at them.

So, you ask, where are we on the story about the actor going back to the midwest to tend family business. Well. I'm glad you brought that up. I've been thinking about it a lot. I have determined that he meets a young woman in the lounge car and tries to hook up with her but she says no. And the train moves on through the night.

But of course, I've forgotten to add the stops in. The periodic stops that the train makes all along its journey. At one of the early stops, he needs to get out and call London to tell them he will be a little late getting there.

I also had a couple questions about Amtrak trains. I should find out if they had a phone on board. There was something else, I can't bring it back now.

I should work on start sentences in different ways. That is one of the things I can notice when I read stories and other writing. I also would like to clean up one story and try it through submittable. I have to learn more about it. It sounds a little like it's some kind of clearing house for submissions. If it were that would be a great deal even at $3 a pop.

Maybe I can look it up and find out more about it from the author side.

What else can I write about here? I slept fitfully. Really? No shit? It's true. I was being sarcastic there because I always sleep poorly. I didn't used to. In fact, I used to sleep quite well, but those days are long gone. Don't know what happened.

I'm working on it.

More later,


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