Hidden Meanings are All Around Us

As I begin my day I'm thinking about a lot of things. There's so much to do it's hard to know where to begin. We may need to get another cat. We live away from town and this is mouse country. There are rodents of all sizes and descriptions out here, all around us. Their plan is to take over the world.

I still need to get sticky traps for the crawlspace. Big ones. This isn't what I had in mind for warm up this morning. I don't seem to be tapping into any productive reservoirs as I move my fingers over the keys.

There are some things about writing, especially during the warm-up, that bother me. Mostly it's about how the word lay out on the sentence line and most especially when I come to the end of the line and I'm watching and really really when I have to go back and correct words that lie at the end of the line. I hate watching the autoformat jump back and forth between the end of one line and the beginning of the next one.

It gives me the heeby-jo-jeebies. Another thing that makes me strike the keyboard is when I type a T and the edge of my palm inadvertently presses the Ctrl key in the lower left corner, causing a new Tab to appear on the browser and my next typing goes into the URL bar of the Tab. It happens a couple times an hour on this keyboard and it makes me whack the keyboard.

These are a few of my least favorite things. Buh bum, buh bum.

With all this griping going on I do have a plan for where I'm going on the story. I set it up yesterday and it should flow from my mind like a 10 weight oil from a 3 inch hole in a 50 gallon drum. Of course, with a proper vent near the top.

So at least I can look forward to that.

Today is Ashton's 16th Birthday and we, of course, had a big argument last night. It was mostly my fault for bringing up her failing grades the night before her birthday. There's really very little I can do about her grades. It's some kind of vestigial parent picture in my mind that makes me think I can control those things. I need to back off and let her take her lumps.

She's 16 years old today and it's time for her to start making mistakes on her own. Now that's a tattoo I should get on my arm.

More later,

(photo by Felipe Santana)


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