Trust Me, I Have No Idea

Zooot! That's the sound of me being launched from the end of the big long silvery tube where I've been waiting over the long and dreadful night. The whole project probably should have a name like, Write-Oh, or Typerguy, or The Amazing Fantastical Storyman. You get the idea.

So I lie in bed all night in sort of refueling and preparation mode. From the outside, it looked like I was rolling over and over, trying to get comfortable and recover feeling in an arm or a leg or to make a deal with my back to remove the virtual icepicks from the tiny joint-spaces, but in fact, I was shifting the creative juices to distribute them evenly along the long axis of my idea tank.

Scientists at the University of Western Washington at Bucoda have discovered that uneven loading of imagination can have serious effects on the ability to create and especially to write. therefore, it's essential to mix, stir and shake the vital humors continuously during the off-peak periods to assure the best of outcomes.

Having done that for eight and a half hours I am peak condition to write. I, however, did not come up with any alternate ideas for the woman in the story and will be relying totally on the process to push something forward at the right time.

I know. Please remain seated. While it sounds a dangerous maneuver, akin to jumping from an aeroplane with the conviction that something functionally like a parachute will somehow come into existence at the appropriate time, let me assure you that the author is well experienced in this method and has regularly relied on it to complete projects. Some of them, quite important and secretive. Shtum.

So fear God and dread not! We depart for the unknown territories of Imagimania at once.

More later,

(photo by Demeter Norbert,
Thank you, Demeter!)


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