A night of weird and troubled dreams and they finally ended. My brain called a halt to it all and a shower helped to wash the memories away. So I'm left at an even state to start my day. Fair enough.

So where do I begin the warm up? The warning lights came back on in Ben's truck and so we're taking it back in to Mike's this afternoon to leave it overnight.

I must remember that tomorrow I take Ashton to Alexander's for an evaluation. I'm not sure why we're doing that. It seems we're digging ourselves into a hole that doesn't actually benefit our kids.

A small side trip there as the USPS truck came and the mail lady brought me a package. A phone holder for the car. The dogs barked before the truck even entered the cul de sac. They get excited about everybody who comes down our little street and especially trucks. So I got the package and, of course, opened it and read the instructions, anything to keep from writing.

Then a couple emails  and I stopped to look at the one from Goodbooks (something like that) and it had some tips and ads in it. The piece that caught my eye was about minor characters, something like Don't Let Minor Character's Ruin Your Story. Like that. I looked it over and it said your protagonist will spend a lot of time interacting with minor characters in your story and the time will be better spent if the minors are interesting and I thought, yeah, that's right. It made me think, I do that sometimes and I like it when I do it so I should make a rule for myself when writing minor characters. Every minor character should have at least one distinguishing feature.

I think that's a good rule. I should note the feature in the character reference in Scrypto or whatever that writing program I use is. Whenever possible I should refer back to that one feature later in the story when the character comes back into play.

OK, so that's a good thing. My hands are still very stiff this morning and my brain is not firing on all cylinders. It's kind of bloogety. I will yawn a few times and see if I can kick start it.

I should make up more words. It doesn't hurt and I could use the exercise. I have only yawned twice and they are not coming easily this morning. Three times now and the fun comes when I try to keep typing whilst in mid-yawn.

I miss talking to my sister. More to the point, I miss talking to my sister back when she was well and interested in things. She was a fun person, a different person.

Four times. It's not so easy today.

More later,

(photo by Michael Ramey)


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