Dickensian Fatherness and That Damn Nixon

So I'm getting a very late start on the bloggo this morning because Ashton and me went to the orthodontist for an evaluation of her teeth. She drove in and back and did pretty good except she stops short of the signs, waits too late to begin braking and tends to steer to the left side of lanes.

Then we stopped by McDonalds to pick up breakfasts for us and then took her to school. So to paraphrase Dickens; I am the best of fathers, I am the worst of fathers.

But we did make it safely through the errands. She may be staying over and working on her Geometry. I need to look up her grades to see if she's getting anywhere.

Haven't heard back from Mike yet but I'm assuming that Ben and I'll have to go in and pick up his truck again. Hopefully Mike found what was wrong and put the big fix on it. We can't keep messing around with that truck forever.  

I'm thinking we can probably do the braces thing for Ashton if she can get better grades so that the insurance will be lower. Then we just need to make a couple reductions to the monthly outlay to cover the $100/month payments to get the braces for 30 months. It's a long time but her teeth will be in better shape.We'll discuss it later and decide.

I haven't made any headway on the story today and made very little yesterday. I think I can successfully blame my anxiety of Trump for my lack of progress. It's like what the radical in Forrest Gump said as the reason he hit Jenny, it's just that Damn Nixon.

When Trump is safely out of the way, THEN, I will really start writing. It should be the other way. Like writing songs, you absolutely need the broken heart and the blues to do it right. I don't think it's the same for writing, but maybe so. I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood.

It wasn't until yesterday that I realized how strange those lyrics are. Who talks that way? What kind of blues are those anyway? It just that Damn Nixon.

When I finish this piece I will get right to that story and Boy, Oh Boy, will there be some serious progress then. I will put all thoughts of Donald Trump aside and push, push, I say, forward on the story. I can finish that SOB, I know I can.

I like paragraphs that are about this size. I think they are the best size of all the possible sizes. I think short sentences are better than long ones. Even though ProWritingAid would like to have them variable. I'll do what I can to make PWA happy, but only so much and then, no more.

More later,


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