The Lonely Vigil

We'll start over again from here. What other choice do we have? Besides getting there only takes continuing on. We'll keep going no matter what.

I will write some more on the story and maybe get to the main part. I want to say it's getting harder to write but what I mean is it's getting easier not to write. Easier to find things to do instead of writing. It's very strange. When I really start writing, I don't want to stop, but it only take a moment of pause to allow my mind to wander off to the "I wonder if I've gotten any email," or "I remember I wanted to look up Estonia" to intervene and send me off on a side trip of dog pictures, kid pictures, news articles, pos... just like that I went off to find the music to the movie Leap of Faith for one song and it was only through the use of force that I was able to come back here and report it.

It's that fast and unforeseen. One of the problems was that I have Pandora on to the Pat Metheny station and a song called Leo by Ludovico Einaudi came on and it reminded me of the song from the movie. Off I went, while writing this piece about distractions during writing. Ironically ironic irony.

So it turns out that Cliff Eidelman wrote the score for the movie and the song I was thinking of was Butterflies.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while writing this I got the rejection email from Carvezine saying they will not be including the short story, Adam Kepke's Looking for Work in their publication. Oh well, That was very quick and I was expecting it. But I wanted to send it in just to have something out there.

I think it was the right piece to send in. After I'd re-edited it again, it was the best I had. Especially for power. At least I thought so. There wasn't enough about the character probably. I don't know, it will just take me longer to learn what I'm doing. That's all.

I'm in no hurry. I like it but it's another reminder to that to learn I must read and write. Given enough time. I just looked it up. Hemingway killed himself at 61 years old. I didn't start writing until I was 61.  So I need a little longer. Big deal.

I think I'm ready to start writing today.

More later,


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