A Beautiful Morning

An alright night. I didn't sleep a lot until the morning and consequently, I got a little later start on the morning than I intended. But that's OK. the last dreams I had this morning before getting up had to do with me being in Pella again. I had looked at many pictures of Pella last evening on the Facebook page and so it was a setup. Anyway, the dreams had to do with me buying a house there or at least refinancing my house through a bank there. But there was an old house there that I bought. It weas multistory and quite old. For some reason, this was a good idea in the dream. Present in the dream or at least the possibility of presence included CJ and others that are no longer alive. It was a pleasant dream and I didn't mind it at all.

I was up several times in the night but slept OK between those sessions. The dogs (Smudge) was up in the night excited about something outside, but I took them down to the room and told them to be quiet. He was but he got up a little later and went back to the front room. No more whining though.

The kids made it out on time, that was good. I had a couple more ideas about the Bad Times story and adding segments to introduce the memory portions. It would be nice to make those memory parts fit more clearly into the modern portion. I must keep that in mind.


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