What a night!

Maybe 1 hour of sleep last night. My mind was just racing and going over and over things. Mostly I think I thought about the Webinar I saw on Corel Draw techniques and the possibilities there. I kept replaying small parts in my head. I should have just gotten up and come into the office and played with things and watched some more videos on using the program. It was really enticing.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to spend at least some of the time today on that. Right now I don't feel too bad. I got up showered, had breakfast and got coffee and meditated and now I'm here. I'm still yawning a lot though.

There was also a lot of thought-provoking articles I read just at bedtime and for some reason, I'm getting into the murder mystery novel I'm reading so I gave up around 4 am and read for a little over an hour on that. Sue got up at 5am. I got a little sleep just after that. The kids got up kind of late for us, about right for them. Ben arose about 720 and Ashton about 730, after being reminded by Ben.

In the meantime, I will do what I can to make the day productive.


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