Giant Western Red Cedars

To my European Union visitors, I don't think I use any cookies here on my site. I have some cough drops in  my pocket and some Tic Tacs in the drawer next to me, however. That should do it.

Went to Costco and bought the Gazebo, Yes, the Gazebo but left it there as it is too large to carry in my BMW. On the up side, they know I left it there and are expecting me to come get it this afternoon. When Ben gets home, we will, together, go a'Gazebo hunting.

In other news, I stopped and had blood drawn on way my home from Costco. I still have my cold. I stayed up all night practicing my cough and I feel like Apollo Creed in Rocky 1 at the end. My sides and stomach are really sore and I'm ready for this disease to either turn into the same thing that Jim Henson had or leave me alone. I officially giving notice. Either it goes or I do.

So I guess I better make this good considering it seems to have the popular edge so far.

Yesterday I started writing apology grams for the site that you can send to others.They're phrased a little differently than the self apologies. We'll see how that goes. I need to make a lot of them and change the basic design of the site to allow for a split to the left or right.

In the meantime I will continue to cough and eat Ricola until something changes.


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