Lord Kelvin and his Scale

The day of rest has arrived and our family has once again, wandered off to different corners of the house and engaged with the flat-screen of their individual choice. I'm no better. I'm not sure who is. Anyway, I feel that I've finally hit a plateau on the website work. It is much pared down and simpler, not as much content, but nobody was looking at it anyway.

There must be a way to add stupid content without getting in the way. I'll give it some thought but in the meantime, I should work on something else, maybe back to the novel. Or the other short story, or stories.

Slept well especially towards the end. Very comfortable this morning but forced myself out of bed at 0930 so I could get something done. Otherwise, I would have just laid there until it hurt finally. Have to remember to take to win instead of waiting for it to turn bad.

I had several interesting and bothersome dreams last night from large meso-american pyramids made from, I guess, cubical thoughts to being chased by dogs through a warehouse complex in the countryside. They were pretty vivid and pointless now that I think about it but interesting. The pyramid one especially. I don't remember what the point of it was but it was a thought construction of exceptional stability. It had broad terraced bases, one on top another. Gaining in height gradually from one end. The ideas were a kind of wireframe and colorful with different inclusions that you could see from the outside. It was quite nice to look at and large, maybe 150-200 yards in length and 75 yards tall at the high end. You could stand on it and there were quite a few people standing on it.

The one with the dogs was separate but it followed the pyramid dream. It started with me taking a load of construction waste or leftovers from some projects to a "junkyard" type place in the country via dirt roads, late in the day. I was taking a chance that the place would be closed and I was pulling some trailer with the stuff behind some kind of small, open vehicle like a golf cart but the more I paid attention to it, the less there was to it. When I finally turned into the drive which ran through the gap in the chain link fence, it was little more than a motorized unicycle. The place was open but dark and as I drove into the yard, dogs, Dobermans, came running out of the darkness, barking and chasing after me. I turned around and took off and they pursued. They chased and came close to biting me but I don't think they ever did. Meanwhile, I had a metal baton and I was considering hitting them if they got too close but I didn't want to hurt them and I realized that if I hit them in the head, it would likely kill them.

So there was this long chase down a row of warehouse buildings, some open some closed. Some with people working ion them. They didn't seem to notice me going through their workspaces as I looked for back ways out. I remember becoming interested in some of the things they were working on and pausing to look at them. I finally went out the back door of one of the buildings and had to
work my way through a lot of bramble and brush to get back to the dirt road and from there back to town or safety or something like that.

I don't think there's a story anywhere in there, at least not one that hasn't been done in pieces a number of times.


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