Sunny and Cooler

Sunday morning. Still have sinus thing, still didn't sleep a lot. It's Mother's Day so I said Happy Mother's Day to Sue and to My Mom in the elsewhere regions. I can still hear her voice whenever I want. It doesn't feel like she's gone to me, but it's been 18 years. (So I guess she is.)

It a modest breakthrough, I solved the twice-mail problem last night and once again it was a logic drill that solved it. It went like this. Since one section chose an apology file at random, and when 2 mails were sent, the 2 apology files were different. That meant that the code at the top ran twice. If I bypassed the call from another page to the send page, only 1 mail was sent. That meant that the page was running once sending a mail then reloading and running again, sending another file. When I watched the page load that way, there was a pause while it waited for the adsense ads to load in. So I disabled the adsense ads on that page and the problem went away. I'll be checking that again this morning but that's the way I saw it last night.

Now I need to clean things up so the pages have a little security and zing and then re-write the front page to make a choice, Get an Apology or Send an Apology.

But that's progress.


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