OK then.

Monday AM and I'm still here. Still haven't solved the Mystery of the Multiple Emails from Wordpress Radio. Looks like this might be the one that that goes on and on while I gradually learn what it is I'm doing with the application. I hate it when things turn "legit".

Sue left me a note to fix the email on her computer. Has some problem receiving email. Not sure what the deal is but will restart and see. Not sure how often she restarts her computer.

Should get kind of warm today so trying to cool the house down before the sun gets too far up.

My face is still kind of swollen, made a follow-up appointment with Madden to check things.

Haven't gotten any real writing done in the past few days. Maybe things will get better magically today. I need to push through this. I have this suture end hanging down right behind my left central incisor and it occupies my tongue all the time. It's a convenient reason why I can't be productive. What a puss.

OK, so let's see what we can do. By the way, it looks as though I have 2 bars of reception with my consumer cellular phone.

Uninstalling stuff on my Galaxy S3 so I can sell it. I probably don't have to but I just feel better. I'll take pictures and put it on Ebay. I may get $75 out of it. That's worth it.


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