Initial Suspense

We begin again today. Ashton is home with me today. I heard a noise earlier and she came into the bedroom and said that she'd thrown up and that she didn't feel good. So I said she could stay home from school today. She looks OK. I don't know.

Called Jeff Truett and he said he'd find some time to put up the Gazebo. It may be a while, though. They're pretty busy. So I said we'd just buy it and have it sitting around.

No thoughts on what to write that's new. I heard this morning that "Space Aliens" is being put into the Games Hall of Fame and I thought that one day after we've made contact with ET's that we'll have to explain that to them. But then I thought, they'll probably have to explain the same situation to us. You see it's just that we had to have someone to kill in a game that wouldn't offend anyone in our society and you guys, you know nobody really cared about you. Nobody complained when we slaughtered you. We should have known this would happen. It happened with everybody and everything else we used for games of slaughter.

Strange dreams last night, not bahouse, closed up. curtains drawn. Dark out, night. Waiting for something to happen. Limited ways in and out. Movement outside. Not ready for trouble. Checking though back way out. That's about all I have for now.
d, juts strange. Again, mostly morning dreams after trying to get back to sleep after Sue gets up. Several dreams in a row. Sort of problem-solving, but nothing really in them. Dark

Better get on it.


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