Frustrations Abounding

Another night and begins another day. I seem to be suffering from an increase in frustration this morning. Much of it is my fault I think because I long for control over things which are not mine t control. By this, I mean other lives and behaviors. Since I can't make them do what I think best, I must just relax and try to get by myself, I think.

I keeping with that, after everyone else leaves to go about following their heart's needs, I will install myself in the front room and watch that movie that I've been wanting and waiting to see.

 So I plan to do this almost immediately. Those left here are like ghosts, they move without substance and their voices are without body and easily mistaken for scenes remembered. They exist in a space which has little interaction with mine. I am a memory to them and what I do is incomprehensible to them as the capricious movements of a leaf in the swirling eddies of air in a corner.

So here I go.


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