Eastward, Ho!

Friday morning and Sue's back is still hurting her. I'm up and ready to go to the doctor. I need to stop by the pharmacy on the way back before I go to Costco. Ashton is spending the night at a friend's house. Ben may be having Ally over for a movie this evening and it's pizza night. The dogs are OK this morning, no noise in the night.

Need to think of some dinners to make this weekend, ones with meat and good veggies for Ash. I think whether she likes it or not, mushrooms need to be a bigger part for meals we make. I think we need to make a big veg stew this weekend for her to work on. Also tofu for a meat substitute. Beans for the veg soup as well.

No new stories popped up but last night I did read an article about ASMR autonomous sensory meridian response, I guess the french call it frisson. for the effect of the chill it has. Apparently there are video- audio deals that people listen to to get the effect. I tried it and no go. 

I think when I was young I used to get that chill from the sound of the vacuum cleaner or fans, but nowadays I no longer get that and the fan sounds just hide my tinnitus. I remember the feeling very well and every once in a while I still feel it or nearly. I can tell when it approaches. That's weird to think of but it's true. It's like that wind that you see in the grass before it reaches you and you anticipate it. I'll have to look into that some more later.


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