Went to bed around midnight and woke about 3AM after begin in a confused and sweaty dream. I struggled what seemed like a long time but was probably a few minutes trying to "reload" a song or a station with a song called "Number one song in heaven" or something like that from the end of the Alan Partridge. I felt hot and miserable and stuck inside this dream and then somewhere deep inside I thought to myself: if it's so hot why isn't Sue tossing and turning. Weird, Then I realized it was just me and it must be my blood sugar. So I sat up on the edge of the bed and turned on the light and managed to check by sugar, 54. But man was I confused. I took the honey out of the drawer and took some. It's weird how hard it is to make any decisions when you that confused. Of course, I woke Sue up with this and she asked me some questions and I couldn't even clearly answer that I was to confused to answer. It's a strange feeling.

I really need to find something better to have available for low sugars than honey. You'd think it would be best but it's not.

I need to go with Ben to Costco to pick up the Gazebo kit and leave it off here this morning. He's got plans to go to a movie and then goof off with some friends. I need to get things done so he can move on.


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