A tree full of filberts.

OK well, here we are again. I guess I need to take care of a few things today. Mostly just little housekeeping chores. I was going to make the rounds outside but I think since I have to go out tomorrow to a Dr. appointment, I might as well bunch some other things with it. I have a call into BGWP re the POAs. That's a nice sentence.

Don't have much on last night's dreams, there were some but not much I remember and nothing usable at all. I don't seem to be sleeping much until morning anyway. Last night it was Smudge getting excited about something outside around 2 am. I just went into the front room and took both of them into the bedroom and had them lay down. I was afraid if I let them out, they would just chase around and bark. Sue got up a little bit later because her back is bothering her. Overall it was not a quiet night here.

Let's see what else is happening? I need to write more stuff just to put up on twitter and facebook for the site. It seems to be the only popularity the site will have at least for now. I also need to find more picture to parody or just make up new lines for the ones I have. That would show more inventiveness, and that's what I need. For now I'll just keep up this drill to get warmed up and then write something.


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