A later start

Finally slept better this morning but it caused me to stay in bed later than  I wanted. During that last sleep I drew pictures in my head and made little nice stories to go with them.

For one story I somehow decided to drive toWyoming to try to talk to somebody at a school about me going there. I could only drive there and then right back here. It was kind of crazy. I realized that I didn't know who to speak to once I got there but there was some connection here that said it might work out.

I remember expecting to enjoy the drive. I expected the sun to shine and it would take about 8 hours to get there. I have no idea why I needed to do this. There was also some small danger somewhere in the whole plot. I can't remember what. The car shifted from large to small and parking was a problem at one point, but I don't remember why or what.

The was also a part about drawing and whatever I thought about a drawing would appear and it was always interesting the way it was done. I remember very little of the figures that were drawn.

My fingers feel like they're moving better this morning. But my head isn't keeping up too well.

Skipping coffee and kitchen breakfast this morning and instead I'm having green tea and some costco cookie things. Very beautiful and sunny day today.


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