Saturday 4/9/16

Saturday and ready to go again. Yesterday didn't turn out like I thought it would. Much more stressful and disappointing. I need to work on a lot of things.

Following a fitful night I'm hoping to reset and make things better today. Just got done meditating and got the worst numbers ever. 1% calm and it felt like it too. My mind is not calm and it shows. I could not focus or calm myself no matter what I tried. I will try again later and see if it gets better.

Made some progress on the somaa site yesterday. I need to make a punch list for the things I need to finish before launching. I write to Nick and Bill too give the site a try and let me know if they had any suggestions. Not sure whether I should put ads on it to begin with or wait until it gets a little more ironed out. Probably should start with a couple just to get used to them. Also need to put the meta list in it and something for the bots and crawlers whatever they are.

Maybe I can get some content from Nick for the apologies.

No idea what or if I dreamed last night. Seems Like I was awake most of the time. It probably doesn't help that I'm reading the book, Ghost Boy. It's a pretty tough tale but at least I should take a little solace from it. I mean really if he could be optimistic, why shouldn't I?

I need to get on with the next step which the writing of the content. Ever a tough step to make in the morning. Here we go.


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