Looking forward.

Had the semi-official launch of the apology website yesterday and was not too impressive. I don't think most people understood the site or grasped the purpose. Maybe I should write a straight up humor blog rather than couch in terms of a weird process. I think most of them went to the site, looked at the old funny picture and said OK, that's good and left.

They do 't understand it a humor site and/ or they think the humor is in the picture on the front page.

Maybe I need a more arresting headlines that lead them into the process. I'll  try to change the format of the screen around and get to the complaining pat more quickly.

One thing is for sure I need to bring more people to the site by adding compelling links to Facebook and Twitter. I don't have a budget to pay for links and besides where do you connect to that. I guess I link to schlock humor to have them link to me.

For now I'll keep writing the content and use it on FB to get interest up and more importantly keep my writing moving.

Let's see last night I slept fairly well. got up about 3-4 times in the night. I don't remember any of my dreams. I'm sure I had them, they weren't really giant things, they were more everyday scenes as I remember. I need to get to this journal quicker in my routine. This and the meditation are the key points of my routine to get things moving. Again this morning I'm feeling keyed up and irritated because of not having things ready to get things. done. I got a reply from the theme dude with picture of some menus on some sites, like look here everything's works. and I couldn't just quickly respond because I didn't have dropbox setup to share screenshots of my site detailing the problem and they guy was obviously too lazy to just following the link to my site and see it. So in order to answer him, I have to sign up for dropbox then install it and learn enough to use it to send the screen shots to the guy, 20-25 minutes for a 2 minute problem.

So I need to get on to something else but I'll get back here later.

My brain is working today. Thank you brain, I owe you one.

I just finished this piece but I'm not sure where I'll use it.

You rush to the big Conference Room, briefcase in your left hand, portfolio case beneath your right arm. You’ve got the charts and numbers, the cartoon ads and logo changes and an entirely new Ad Campaign featuring a completely novel approach. You’ve worked hard most of the previous week and all last night polishing the presentation, because Ms. Tatum-Holstein, from the Billings Head Office is going to be there.

She would like to hear something that will save her division, or possibly the whole company. She would like you to make the public forget the less-than-perfect product launch for “Wholesome O’s” you staged last month, in which an entire mobile petting zoo was crushed by a falling shipping container brightly painted with the company logo, on a CBS-Affiliate live television feed, complete with a crowd reaction ranging from fainting to vomiting to catatonia, and which has since come in 2nd only to “Gangnam Style” for the total number of views on Youtube.

Entering the room you see it’s empty, most of the chairs have been overturned and broken, the contents of two entire trays of pastries have been thrown against the wall, the carafes of coffee are smashed against the plate glass windows and there’s a good deal of blood on the tabletop.

You can see now that your memo may have been a mistake and that your assurance that none of the baby animals suffered may have fallen on deaf ears.

You should have come to us, we might have helped!  http://somebodyowemeanapology.com


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