Thursday 4/7/16

Bee-A-Yutifull morning here. Ashton is sleeping over at a friend's house last night. Ben is just sleeping in. Sue's at work, the dogs are here with me. Rosie is sitting in the front room and she's getting better I think, and Ben got up briefly and let Mary out. So I expect outside there's a lark on the wing and a snail (or at least a large slug) slithering over a thorn. It's a good if not great life. No complaints here.

Let's see I had dreams but nothing impressive that I can remember. Yesterday we went to Costco to look at a Gazebo for the back deck but they were temporarily out. But got a last of kind weather station. Caused a little strife and friction. I shouldn't have gotten it. Should have passed. Definitely not worth it. Really trying to do better and make better connections with Sue.  Sometimes I get in my own way. Make that a lot of times.

Read some of the new Kindle I got on Buddha. Trying to take a small piece at a time and just think about it. Part I read yesterday was about the impermanence of everything and the tempest of activities, emotions and actions that swirl around every part of our self-centered existence. All the things we think are so important. All the predictability of our problems, worries and travails. All the drama in midst of the comedy. I think I'm making this up now. But still, good stuff. Also there was stuff about the duality of everything. More on that later.

Today I have small goals. Get my morning challenge finished then work on the somaa site. I'd like to draw a paper and pen background for it to see how it looks. Actually pen on paper and then scan it in. Still looking for the ideal theme, Or at least one that is more malleable.

I should get on with it. Oh and I'm using the great background here. This morning it's Laundromat and Aircraft cabin. I love it.

Forgot to mention, last night I swallowed hard and updated to Windows 10, again. Hoping this time works out better. So far, so good.


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